Map Components

The list of different map types in the introduction (topographic, thematic, atlas, scientific, special purpose), emphasises the differences between them, but they have many similarities.

    Three components, common to all maps can be defined:
  1. they use graphical symbols to give positional information. The graphical symbols are often considered by beginners to be confusing, but they are far less complex than the graphical symbols used to convey written information;
  2. they have keys to explain the symbols that are used; and
  3. they include auxiliary information such as the scale

Click here for more information to this question. What other auxillary information is necessary or desirable on a map? (Check your answer with the list provided from a NSW topographic map, by clicking on the hat).

Auxillary information from Penrith topographic map
Auxillary information taken from Penrith topographic map 1:25,000.

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